The William Stewart Hope for the Hopeless Foundation

Our Mission

Based in the Ibuluma villages, Chitipa, Northern Malawi, where Co-founder Levison Mlambya lives, the William Stewart Hope for the Hopeless Foundation is helping those who are feeling hopeless about their lives, whether they are one of the many Malawian orphans or the elderly who feel alone and forlorn, or at any stage of life in between.

The gift of a Bible, a tablet of soap, a packet of salt, a pencil or a notepad are very simple things but can make the world of difference to how someone feels. They know someone cares about them.

For a grandmother, living in very poor conditions and trying to raise orphaned children, a bar of soap with which to wash their clothes is a present from heaven.

For a child who has no pencil or notebook and has to come out of school to brave the itchy Buffalo bean bushes to try to catch mice to sell, so that he can buy a pencil and get back into school, to receive a gift of stationery is the answer to his prayers.

Levison is a man with a vision, not just for his own area, but for all those who are in need in his country.

Since the Foundation took its first steps, so much has been achieved as can be seen on our Projects pages.

We have been asked several times why we have the word ‘hopeless’ in the Foundation’s title. The definition means ‘without hope’ and we believe that the content of our website makes clear why many children and adults have been in despair.

Explore our maps to get an idea of where we are.

Our People

This is our Core Team:

  • Levison Mlambya : Co-founder, Malawi
  • William Stewart : Co-founder, UK
  • Mary Young : Administrator
  • Sarah Black : Development Manager

We have been delighted to welcome so many Friends of the Foundation, from across the world, who are assisting in our aim of bringing joy to Malawian lives.

Our core team: Levison, William, Mary and Sarah
Our core team: (from top left) Levison, William, Mary and Sarah.
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