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As the Foundation continues to grow and advance we have moved some of the older updates and newsletters to an archive. You can see here how the projects have developed.

May 2019

Ball Games

Even since writing our last update, the number of children flocking to the Resource Centre has increased. The Foundation is now regularly receiving 500+ children, some of them walking 17 km to get here. They are not all orphans although many are, but they are all in need of physical, mental and spiritual nourishment.

We have put out an appeal for funding linked to this year’s Father’s Day and End of School term and Sarah has opened a Go Fund Me page for this purpose.

We have included some of the photos of the Easter celebrations, which were held a little late because of a funeral, but the children were off school anyway, and they had a wonderful time. More of the gifts which had been handed to them incrementally since December were given out - warm blankets and clothing as Malawi is now going into its cold season. And there is a new and very heartwarming video on our Youtube channel - Raising Up Ibuluma Children.


As Sarah said in her part of the April Newsletter, for her 50th birthday in January she did a birthday fundraiser and was able to send £500 to the Foundation, part to enable tables and benches for the Skills Shed to be made, and part to empower local women.

Yesterday (30/4) Levison invited half a dozen ladies to the Resource Centre, and handed them the money. They were overwhelmed and asked that their grateful thanks be passed to Sarah for her generosity and that of the folk who donated to her fundraiser.

The ladies will think, together, about what they can do to start a small cottage industry; they have already had one or two ideas.


April 2019


We’ve been very aware that we’ve been hampered by not having charitable status in the UK. It’s not quite so easy to fundraise; there are many funding bodies which we can’t apply to; links which are not so easily made and more difficulty in sending to Malawi than would be the case if we did have charitable status and our own bank account.

As more work has been completed, and more evidence of the benefits to those people whom the Foundation is helping have become available, we have decided that it’s time to remedy that omission, and yesterday (3 April) an application was made to OSCR – the Scottish charity regulator – for SCIO status (Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation).

The SCIO has been applied for in the name of Friends of The William Stewart Centre, Malawi. It will have four initial Trustees, and will be headed up by Sarah, its Development Manager. Sarah will be the only Trustee from the Foundation’s core team.

It will be a completely separate entity from the Foundation and its sole function will be to raise funds for, and awareness of, the Foundation.

There is a Facebook page. We welcome all our Foundation facebook friends to this page, too.

Part of the document detailing the existing activities contained a report compiled by Sarah Black and Levison Mlambya using the Scottish Government’s Getting It Right For Every Child’s SHANARRI indicators, which demonstrates the beneficial impact which the work being carried out by the Foundation has had on the children. Here is the document.

March 2019

The Foundation Farm

The Foundation Chicken Flock

Some chickens and cockerels have already been purchased. They are being housed in temporary quarters until their permanent accommodation is ready.

The Holligan Hen House, as it is named, after a very generous couple, is getting there, despite Levison and the building team being hampered by very bad weather.

There is not much left to be done and soon we will bring photos of the flock in their new abode.

January 2019

The Foundation Farm

The harvest from the Foundation’s first year’s planting exceeded all expectations. There were 62 50kg bags of maize, three 50kg bags of groundnuts, and three 20 litre tins of soybeans.

One of the harvesters, whose name is Blessings, taking a break. The structure behind him is a chimphanga, constructed by Levison and his family to store maize; there will be one at the Resource Centre, too.

The Foundation now has a goat and she has had a kid. We called the goat Sarah (yes after our Sarah and our Sarah is shortly going to run a competition at one of the local schools to name the kid) – the start of the Foundation Goat Herd.

In the New Year we will be purchasing the first of the Foundation Flock, so that eggs and chicken meat are available, and surplus can be sold in the shop.

Dambo planting will begin in late October, for vegetables, the nursery having already been prepared. And it’s hoped that the fish pond will be started in November; conversations have already begun with fisheries who are prepared to supply the first pond stock.

The maize crops are coming on beautifully; the children will be well fed this year too.

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