The William Stewart Foundation


Donations of Money

Donations are gratefully received by the Foundation to further its work to help those in need; there is no other source of income yet. Nobody takes a salary; administrative costs are met by the team, and every penny sent to Malawi goes towards the work of the Foundation.

In the western world it might be thought that a few pounds or dollars won’t make a difference. In Malawi those donations have a huge impact.

We also have appeals running on our Fundraising page.

For friends outside of the UK, JustGiving and GoFundMe both accept international donations.

Please note that in keeping with any other third sector organization, we will not accept conditions of use being placed on donations. There are several projects being run at the same time, all of which need money to function. Decisions as to best use will be made in Malawi. The only exception to this is where there is a fundraiser for a specific project.

Donations of Goods

You will see from the photos in the Gallery that people have donated many items which are gratefully received and treasured.

The Foundation has been overwhelmed, as have the recipients to whom the gifts have been given, by the generosity of people from so far away. We have been asked how gifts can be sent to the Foundation and we’ve given this a great deal of thought.

On the one hand, items are desperately needed. But on the other, carriage costs are high to send goods, and a considerable distance is involved, via public transport, which also brings a cost, to transport the goods back to be distributed. Additionally, the Foundation, being Malawi registered, is trying to be as self-sufficient as it can be in its own country. Purchasing items in Malawi helps to provide revenue and jobs in the country.

Monetary donations are what will help the most, will be most cost-effective, and will help the Foundation to grow so that it can continue to spread the message of hope.

We will continue to have fundraising events and drives for specific items.

Some more urgently needed goods will continue to be sent by air. However, the Bananabox Trust in Dundee is a charity which also does very good work in Northern Malawi and has started sending out containers. They have an excellent manifest system and we have tweaked our in-house system to dovetail in. This is necessary so that we know exactly how many boxes Levison has to arrange transport – and people – for and is the reason why boxes will only be sent, by air or via the Bananabox Trust, by Mary and Sarah.

Become A Foundation Friend

If you would like to become a friend of the Foundation and receive copies of the online Newsletters, please let us know and we will have pleasure in adding you to our listing.

Personal information sent to The William Stewart Foundation will not be shared with any third parties.