The William Stewart Foundation


Update - December 2020

William is continuing on with his three times a day cycle to Australia and should reach land around March 2021. He still has company from Team Holst, Team Tom, and the Munro Baggers who are cycling, running, walking, rowing or climbing to raise further funds for shower blocks with sinks which will also make a tremendous difference to the lives of the community - Photos Here - Joy of Water.

So we are keeping the Crowdfunder alive, particularly because the latter two teams do not have their own fundraising pages. visit our crowdfunding page.

A reminder that there are no charges for this crowdfunder because it is COVID-19 related.

Update - September 2020

We were delighted with the press coverage of William’s journey to Australia. There were pieces in The Stirling Observer, The Alloa Advertiser, The Sunday Times and the Sunday Post. All of them can be seen in ‘News’.

We decided that William should be accompanied on part of his journey, at least, and we have organised a Race for Water.

This will take place in November. It’s not a race per se and you can take the whole of the month in which to do it. You can cycle, run or walk, on your own or with others.

The event is not a sponsored one, although if you wish to enter and be sponsored by your friends, please do. The funds, which will be added to the borehole fund, will come from the entrance fee which is £20 for adults and £15 for under 18s.

You can choose whether to do a 5k or a 10k and we would love it if you could send us photos - [email protected]

We hope to be able, in October, to bring news of another very inspirational guy who will be Walking for Water.

You can enter by clicking on this link.

This is our next, and most urgent project - to build a borehole at the Centre.

At the moment water has to be obtained from the borehole at the Health Centre, just over half a mile away. So there's a lot of ferrying and a lot of water needed right now, because of the number of children, and the need for so much handwashing.

The borehole is drying up and the prospect is looming of river water having to be used in the dry season, with its attendant heavy health risks.

There is a short video showing the borehole, and already not a great volume of water coming from the pump:

And so we are crowdfunding.

We should point out that Crowdfunding is charging no fees for any fundraiser related to COVID-19; 100% of the money raised to keep the children safe from it goes to the Foundation.

William is cycling, virtually, from his home near Southampton to the land of his birth - Australia. He was interviewed recently about his background, philosophy on life, and the Foundation.

Every so often he will be giving an update as to where he is, en route to Melbourne.

Please support him as he pedals, and the Foundation. It was a red letter day when the lights were turned on at the Centre; it will be another when the first water comes from the Foundation's borehole.

Visit our fundraiser