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A Get-Together

The Foundation tries to get all the children together on a weekly basis to provide them with fun and activity.

Sometimes, especially in the rainy season, outdoor games are curtailed, in which case they watch videos on the laptop, as shown in these photos from one such get together in February.

(It should be remembered that most of them have never seen a video or a film). The Foundation is hoping that a projector and screen can be found so that films can be more easily watched by more of the children.

On this occasion, the children enjoyed reading Bible stories from the bibles donated by Stanley and a variety of songs, poems and quizzes.

The two ladies who teach knitting to the orphans – Mickness Silungwe and Emily Kaira, as well as Anold Ng'ambi, who referees the children's games, all volunteer their services to help Levison at the events for the children.

Emily walks from about 2.5 km away, and Mickness 1.5 km. Levison gave all three adults a bag each from the donation of many bags by a gentleman near to Mary's village so that they can more easily carry the materials needed for the kids' activities.

The afternoon's events took place at Chambo Primary School which kindly allows the Foundation to use a room especially if the weather is wet.

Easter 2018 Celebrations

A lovely day was had by more than 100 children of the Ibuluma villages when they celebrated Easter Sunday at and near to the Chambo School.

Levison had organised much activity for them and as can be seen from the photos, they were solemn when they needed to be and joyous when they were able to be.

Huge thanks to Levison for the hard work he put in on the Malawian side and to those folk who helped him make it such a wonderful day.

Thanks too to everyone who contributed in the UK, in sending out many of the items which you see in use here.

Special thanks to Sarah Black for the thought and care she put into thinking of what would be the items of most value to be sent out for the celebrations and for making up the Easter colouring/wordsearch activity.

The beautiful video of the day can be seen on Youtube.

Even the weather was kind; the rains are still lurking and were forecast but stayed away.

Nkazi's News (Nkazi means Aunt and the Aunt is Mary) is the first edition of a newsletter which will be sent to the children every two months. It can be seen on the News page and will also be printed and bound, along with William's Newsletters, when the Resource Centre is built, as a record of the achievements of the Foundation.

In this first newsletter, Mary mentioned the children of the nursery school in Balfron, West Stirlingshire, Scotland, who have donated Lego, some of which will be sent out by air very shortly and the rest by sea.

That's why the children are thanking the Nursery. The newspaper which covers Stirlingshire took up the story of the links between the children in Scotland and those in Ibuluma and the scan of the article can be seen in the April Newsletter which gives a narration by Levison Mlambya of the events of the day.

It was another day to remember! Stories of Easter; gifts of soap and salt; chocolate drink, sweeties and snacks; games and fun – a real meeting of hands across the miles and a blessed Easter.

The First Lego Party

A couple of small tubs of Lego donated by the Nursery in Balfron, West Stirlingshire in Scotland were sent out to Malawi by air so that the children could see what the bricks are, and so that the nursery children could see their gift in use. The first Lego party was organised, and took place on Sunday 22 April.

Unfortunately the weather wasn’t kind and the 100+ children, for most of the time, had to cram into one of the rooms at the school.

So, although not quite what Levison and the helpers had planned, nevertheless the kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves and were intrigued by the Lego – a bit wary at first and not sure what to make of it or with it. But, the same as kids anywhere, they quickly learned.

It was explained to them that there is more Lego which will be coming to them by sea later in the year. And in fact an appeal is currently out in Sarah and Mary’s local area for more Lego and the bigger Duplo bricks, and this is yielding kind offers.

Levison also told them that there would be another Lego Party, where the remaining hot chocolate would be served and that they would have games, when the rains finally cleared. The ladies did make and serve snacks to the children, though, which they enjoyed.

The Foundation, and the children of the Ibuluma villages, once again thank the children of Balfron Nursery, West Stirlingshire, Scotland, for their kind gift.

We hope that you enjoy the photos.

One of the kids who thought the day was great was Anock, who is pictured with Levison, and again on his own. Anock, an orphan, had neither a mat to lie on at night nor a blanket with which to keep himself warm and so Levison gave him the latest blanket knitted by William which he is proudly wearing like a cloak of many colours.

Levison’s next mission is to find Anock a pair of patapatas (flip flops). And that photo of the little boy, barefoot in mud, has led to one of the Foundation Friends, who is a reflexologist, preparing to make her own Plea for Patapatas.