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The Orphans’ Joy in Their Own Place

Sunday 28 October 2018 was an historic day, for the Foundation and for the villages of Ibuluma. Levison said in the latest Newsletter that the children had been coming to the site and were learning that this was their place. They have now realised that it is, as can be seen from these photos.

It was decided that the Skills Shed – still in its temporary construction phase – would be safe and secure enough to provide an area for the orphans to be fed. We had the food grown in the Foundation gardens; we had the children who were hungry and so Levison went for it, and succeeded so well although time was tight. You will see that the signwriting on the kitchen even had to be completed on the day.

183 orphans came and were fed in two sittings – the younger ones, and those who are older. The older ones helped the younger children and prepared some of the food. They ate; they played games and they have made the place their home.

We are all delighted and we thank each and every one of our Foundation Friends for their support in making this day happen.

A thank you from Levison slideshow in video form on our Youtube channel.