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A Small Reward for Great Work

The girls were happy to be sewing period poverty bags and pads, and making life bearable and more equal for themselves and all girls. They were also happy to be making masks to keep everyone safe.

They were totally taken by surprise when Levison told them that someone had been kind enough to send them some money. It’s not a lot but most of them have never, ever had their own money and, while we know you can’t see their smiles, the joy is reflected in their body language.

Sewing girls

‘Daffodils’ and ‘Purple Crocuses’

The ponchos donated by M & D, Scotland’s largest theme park, made the journey by container and survived the perilous event in the Indian Ocean, eventually making it to Ibuluma. The children from furthest away received the ponchos and were delighted.

You may notice that many of the children are barefoot. They all have shoes now but they take them off to make their journeys through water or wet ground so that they keep them good to wear in school.

Here are some photos of what someone described as ‘daffodils’ and the letter from the Head of the Chambo School.

And here are the ‘purple crocuses’ – the children wearing ponchos kindly donated by Chestertons, a very old established estate agency in London, now an international property company who have donated two boxes holding 250 in each, and some of their newly branded ones which you can see below.


The monthly handing of gifts carried on into February when 321 children came to the Resource Centre. Footwear, uniform and other items of clothing delighted the children and there was even more of a buzz about the Centre than there is usually! So many thumbs up and hands raised in the air!