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The William Stars

The Football Team

Our boys are football mad. Since the pitch was made they've run around playing football, mostly barefoot; many balls have been burst on the rough ground and if they haven’t got a replacement, they'll make one out of rags which will do them until Levison can buy another. They named themselves The William Stars (and the girls' netball team called themselves The Mary Queens) in 2017.

Now, thanks to Julian Chenery of Wear a Sports Shirt Day, who collects preloved kit donated by generous teams, the Stars have their own football strip. These were donated by Dorchester Town Youth Football Club and there was enormous excitement when the kit arrived. The boys are so proud; they didn't want to take the strips off. Next step - football boots! The boys know all the famous UK football teams but they now all want to play for Dorchester Town Youth FC too.

The Sewing Girls

Our girls love to sew. Electricity at the Centre has been such a boon in so many ways. Here are (l-r) Lillian, Efridah and Lameck learning a new skill - how to use one of the smaller electric sewing machines sent to us: we are looking forward to receiving another on the next container along with some sewing accessories, thanks to one of our generous supporters.

Race for Water