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Money transfer

Bank: New Building Society (NBS)
Branch Address: NBS Bank Plc, P.O. Box 32251, Chichiri, Blantyre 3
Account Name: The William Stewart Hope for the Hopeless Foundation
Account Number: 17706527
Swift Code: NBSTMWMW

The following transfer companies are not endorsed by the Foundation, but are ones that have been used, successfully, to transfer money to Malawi.

Western Union

Donations via a bank card are received in Malawi almost instantly; by bank transfer they are a little longer; maybe a day.

For donations using a debit or credit card, the fee is 10%. The bank transfer fee is £2.90 rising in ratio to higher amounts. So, for donations up to £30.00, it is better to use a card.

It isn’t possible for Western Union to transfer into a bank (or to a mobile phone account) in Malawi, but the money can be transferred to Levison Mlambya the Co-founder who will then put the funds into the Foundation bank account.

When a transfer is made, an email is sent to the payer, with a tracking number and amount in Malawian Kwacha, which must also be given to Levison to present at the receiving office in Malawi, with his official documentation.

So when the tracking number is known, a message, giving that number and the amount expected, should be sent to the Foundation using the contact form on this website so that Levison can be made aware of the details.

For anyone who doesn’t do online banking, there is the facility to go to a Western Union agent in whichever country you live, for the donation to be forwarded. You will be given a receipt with the above requisite information on it, so that a message can be sent to us. Agents can be found on the WU website.

We recommend using an international money transfer service as fee deductions and exchange rates are more favourable than banks and without the additional flat fee of a bank. Some are not set up to transfer to Malawi, but the above company is.

A fruitful relationship

The Bananabox Trust, a Scottish charity based in Dundee, supports and sends aid to the people of Northern Malawi. It sends containers to Malawi – 58 of our Foundation boxes went on its first container, and 56 on the second.