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News - October 2018

We’ve decided to have a News section, monthly if we can manage it, to bring all News which isn’t in the other pages on the website.


Unfortunately the ship on which the Bananana Box Trust’s first container was being carried was hit by a huge wave off Durban whilst awaiting instruction to come into port; it listed 30 degrees to one side and then the other. As a consequence, some containers were lost overboard, although fortunately not the one in which our 58 boxes were travelling. All of the containers were damaged, however, including ‘ours’. The immense force of nature at work but it is what it is – an accident.

At the time of this update (8/10/18) the container is still in Durban. Distance makes firm news difficult but it’s believed that the contents have been transferred to two containers; that more paperwork is awaited and then the container/s will be going to Ekwendeni. We are keeping fingers crossed that at least the majority of contents (of everybody’s goods) will be dry and intact.

We now have 52 boxes in the BBT warehouse in Dundee awaiting the next container out, and we wish it a safer journey’s end.


Across West Stirlingshire, Scotland, people have been so supportive to the Foundation and we would like to thank everyone for their kindness.

Schools, parents, friends and children got behind us and contributed so much. When they realized what the orphans needed they put in those extra items too. So many people, so much kindness and we thank you all.

One of the young mothers asked whether gloves were needed – and we did not have a clue so we asked Levison, who confirmed that yes, those children who had to walk several miles to school and whose hands were so cold by the time they got there, such that they are unable to write for a couple of hours, would love to have gloves.

So we decided to have an appeal for gloves and hats, along the lines of the one done so successfully last year for stationery.

Mary and Sarah included sweets in this appeal as, thinking ahead to the Christmas Party – the first these children have ever had – the Malawian ladies will bag up sweets to hand out to the children.

We have lovely ladies knitting, some of whom are experienced knitters; others haven’t clicked needles for years; some never have but are loving it. Not all in West Stirlingshire either and we mustn’t forget about the kind men who, although they might not be knitting – although William is – are buying sweets, hats and gloves and sending them to us.

Apart from the specific appeals, however, we have had to draw a halt to goods being sent out – although hopefully as more donations are received and more folk come on to the Shire team to help – we will be able to resume to an extent. The monies as they become available must now be put towards the build and to ensuring that the Foundation can be as self-sufficient as it can be.