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January 2019

Opening Day - 31 December 2018

Yesterday the Foundation was officially opened. It was a wonderful day and even the weather was kind to us, and the rains stayed away. The Foundation was opened by the Group Village Head and the event was attended by Foundation trustees, the other Chiefs, Chiefs from other areas, the Primary Education Adviser, members of the police, clergy, social welfare, teachers and many more people who came to witness what was an historic occasion in the Ibuluma villages. And there were just over 600 children; all the orphans came.

The Chiefs from other areas had no idea what had been achieved by the Foundation and were amazed at the building work which had taken place; some of them had tears in their eyes. They all gave their thanks to everyone who has helped to make this dream a reality.

This poem was written for the occasion, and was read by Deborah Munthali. The cheers were very, very loud.

Today is our Foundation’s opening day
Where the children gather to eat and play
We want to thank our friends from far away
And wish you all a happy Hogmanay

William, Granddad, Gogo to girls and boys
You gave us Santa, sweets and Christmas toys
Nkhazi, from Scotland you hold our hand
One day we hope that you’ll come to our land

Sarah and Stuart have been working hard
To buy us goats and hens for our farmyard
So many people, too many to name
But we know who you all are, just the same

We’ve been given items of uniform
To wear to school so we keep nice and warm
To Balfron, Cambusbarron, Strathblane,
Buchlyvie, Killearn, Blanefield, our thanks again

To all of our Friends near and far away
We wish a very happy New Year’s Day
As we shout three cheers – and it will be loud
We’ll work hard this year to make you proud

Hip hip hooray
Hip hip hooray
Hip hip hooray.

December 2018


Both containers have now arrived safely; the one which had the ‘event’ on the Indian Ocean and the second one which had no mishap.

Altogether, 114 boxes including the Christmas decorations and the Santa suit – which was used to great effect at the first ever Christmas Party – photos below.


The previous appeals yielded tremendous results and we thank everyone who contributed. The sweets were all sent by air, bagged up by the Malawian ladies and distributed to the children at the Christmas party – photo below.

Christmas party

The hats and gloves part of the appeal was also great and there are five boxes waiting to go by air but due to building costs superseding, and the fact that they will not be needed until May/June when it gets cold in Malawi, these will be sent out in the New Year.

The Christmas Chicken and Goat Appeal

The response to Sarah and Mary’s appeal has been absolutely tremendous, and we thank everyone who has ‘bought’ a hen or a goat.

There will be 20 nanny goats and a billy, to join the existing goat called Sarah and her kid who has yet to be named. 99 chooks!! Yes, 99. And five cockerels.

The goat kraal will be started very soon, followed by the hen houses, as time, the weather and funds allow. The birds and animals will be purchased in stages.

It is intended that as the orphans gather in Sophie’s Skills Shed for their life skills lessons they are taught animal husbandry and we are looking forward to seeing photos later in the year.

In the meantime we are putting all the names chosen here, and there are some wonderful ones.