The William Stewart Foundation

Our Appeals

One-off Appeals

From time to time, one-off appeals will be made such as is done for sponsorship.

Ongoing Appeals

These are some of the appeals which have been done and the outcomes. They are ongoing appeals. In our previous update we asked if people would hold items which they wished to donate as freight had come to a halt as a result of COVID-19.

Air freight has resumed for urgent items to be sent, and the Bananabox Trust has been able to resume sending containers. In view of the feeding programme of necessity taking priority, and the cost of sending boxes in the UK and collection in Malawi, donations towards freight costs are gratefully received.


Lots of lovely books have been donated to us for our library and for our Literacy Programme, and future appeals will be made for specific types of books.

Our sister charity was successful in obtaining a grant for £300 for Christian books which are a great addition to our library.

Flipflops and Crocs

People have been generously donating their preloved flipflops and crocs for the children and adults who don’t have any shoes to protect their feet. Again, this is an ongoing appeal.

School Uniform

So much preloved school uniform has been collected from local primary schools and the children in Malawi are proudly wearing it as can be seen in many of our photos.

Blankets and Baby Hats

Beautiful knitted and crocheted blankets and baby hats have been donated and are still being donated. Some are shop bought; others have been worn by people’s own babies but very many have been knitted and crocheted for us. In our last update on the Mother and Baby initiative, we said that the project – linking with the Chambo Health Centre – would begin in early 2021. Unfortunately, it has had to be put on hold because of the pandemic but will resume as soon as it is safe to do so. Meantime, garments will be held safely in boxes at the Centre.

Hats and Gloves

There was a great response to this appeal to give children some protection during the cold nights and early morning walks to school.