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The Foundation Nursery

When Levison found that pre-school children were congregating at the Centre on weekdays, first of all he gave them footballs and toys to play with and books to look at. The children wanted to stay all day but Levison realised that they were hungry and needed to have a meal.

A pilot nursery was set up for 50 children, funded by a generous family in the UK. The children come to the Centre three days a week and are taught by a qualified lady helped by mothers and one or two of the older girls in the village. Everyone pitches in to collect water, and firewood for cooking the nsima.

The children play, learn and are fed.

The pilot scheme has proved very successful but as we cannot expect one family to continue funding this indefinitely, we’re appealing for sponsors to keep it running so that this generation has a good start in life.

Play, learn, feed

Keeping Girls in Education/Sponsorship

When Telina Munthali came to see Levison at the Centre, she was distraught. Telina has thrown herself wholeheartedly into the work of the Foundation and she’s been working hard at school too. She is 20 and a single parent orphan. Her mother had been taken critically ill and was no longer able to afford Telina’s school fees.

Telina is in 4th year. In 4th year the children have to take their exams in order to be able to proceed with further education, hence her despair. The reason that she is 20 and in that year is because, like so many others in Malawi, they go in and out of school, depending on whether fees can be afforded, or uniform or even such basic items as soap with which to clean their clothes, or pencils or notebooks with which to write.

Levison mentioned that there were four other girls of similar ages who had either had to come out of school or were in imminent danger of being forced out. Thanks to very generous sponsors in the UK and the States, we have sponsors for all five, allowing the girls to complete their education.

There are others, boys and girls, who are also having enormous problems and so if anyone would like to sponsor, please contact us. It costs £25/month to sponsor and covers school fees, uniform, school bag and necessities such as soap and school stationery.

L to R: Tamiwe, Milliam, Dinales and Jean, beaming and thanking their sponsors but only after they’d finished crying tears of happiness. Sadly, Telina was unable to be present because heavy rains prevented her travelling to the Centre

Period Poverty

When girls do not have the necessary supplies to take care of themselves during their monthly periods they are shamed into staying at home. They are missing out on a week of school every month.

Two hand turn vintage Singer sewing machines have been donated to the foundation and some of the older girls have been practising making reusable cloth sanitary pads.

In the UK, we have had a great response to our appeal with people donating soap and pants.

A Scottish charity, Smalls for All, donated enough pants that each girl who is supported by the Foundation will each get three pairs.

Once more pads have been made and small drawstring bags, we aim to give each girl a bag with three pairs of pants, 5 reusable sanitary pads, a bar of soap and a leaflet with health education on. Hopefully, no girl will need to miss school due to her gender.

The girls receiving sewing lessons