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Ball Games

The first of the organised ball games took place on 9 November 2017 and the orphans of the Ibuluma villages had great fun.

The games were officiated by Anold Ngámbi and the children chose their own names for the teams, as you can hear at the end of the video clip – William Stars and Mary Queens!

The children wanted to thank William for providing the balls and they love chorusing ‘Thank you, William Stewart’.

So many of them without shoes, let alone football boots, and as yet no football jerseys, but the main thing is that they had the facility to run about joyfully as children should which is so good for their overall wellbeing.

Update - October 2018

At the Resource Centre there will be two grounds, one for football and the other for netball.

When some of the building team have not been needed on the build on a particular day, they and Levison have been out clearing and levelling the pitches.

Earlier updates can be seen in our archives.