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Faith With Action Project

Faith Without Works Is Dead

The Foundation started because of Faith with Action. This is what Levison did; out on foot and then by bicycle after a wellwisher provided him with one, on outreaches to visit those in need – with words of comfort to start with, and then with a Bible, or some soap, salt or sugar as these gifts became possible.

The project will be extended to reach out to primary and secondary schools. Schoolchildren throughout Chitipa will be visited by the foundation workers who will give them learning materials and share with them a word of God. Teachers in schools will be involved as plans are under way that there should be Bible clubs in schools. One mentor teacher will be identified from each school. Some of the notable activities in the project are Bible dramas and quizzes. Gospel preaching outreaches will also be conducted.

The project will help to reach the orphans in almost all targeted areas and try to bring them back to school. It will also keep vulnerable learners busy with club activities hence preventing them from engaging in behaviours which are unacceptable to society, and to them. Many orphans will also be equipped with Biblical knowledge and also receive learning resources. Anybody who does not have a Bible and who wishes to have one will be given one for free.

Elderlies will also be reached with the gospel, counselled and provided with relief items.

Update - January 2019

Special New Year Outreach

On New Years Day Levison went on a special outreach to see Happy, the little boy who is paralysed, whom we met some months ago in the video, and his family, to give them gifts.

The video, and Happy’s smiling face, brought so much feedback, and folk wanted to donate gifts for him and his family to make their life easier.

They sent Terry nappies, waterproof pants, sudocream, soap, solar light, blankets, clothes, and a selection of toys to help engage him as his mother is unable to get him to school, given the roughness of the terrain. Sarah and Stuart bought him a chair, in which you can see him sitting contentedly.

His mother was overjoyed and she cried with tears of happiness.

On 3 January, Levison went out very early on outreach to Matilda’s family. You will remember Matilda from her work in the fields with her baby by her side, and the scenes in the video of several outreaches where Matilda was overwhelmed by the gifts to her and her family. Some folk were so taken with Matilda that they sent gifts especially for her and her two children Victor and Desire and also for her parents. So it was these which Levison was taking to them at the first opportunity as Matilda's Dad is too infirm to have got to the opening day. We think Desire looks wonderful if a little uncertain about her hat. There were clothes, blankets, and toiletries and Matilda has passed her thanks via Levison to the donors.

Pictured in the photos are Matilda, her children, and her mother.

Earlier updates can be seen in our archives.

This powerful and touching video has been produced. It demonstrates true Faith With Action.