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Faith With Action Project

Faith Without Works Is Dead

The Foundation started because of Faith with Action. This is what Levison did; out on foot and then by bicycle after a wellwisher provided him with one, on outreaches to visit those in need – with words of comfort to start with, and then with a Bible, or some soap, salt or sugar as these gifts became possible.

The project will be extended to reach out to primary and secondary schools. Schoolchildren throughout Chitipa will be visited by the foundation workers who will give them learning materials and share with them a word of God. Teachers in schools will be involved as plans are under way that there should be Bible clubs in schools. One mentor teacher will be identified from each school. Some of the notable activities in the project are Bible dramas and quizzes. Gospel preaching outreaches will also be conducted.

The project will help to reach the orphans in almost all targeted areas and try to bring them back to school. It will also keep vulnerable learners busy with club activities hence preventing them from engaging in behaviours which are unacceptable to society, and to them. Many orphans will also be equipped with Biblical knowledge and also receive learning resources. Anybody who does not have a Bible and who wishes to have one will be given one for free.

Elderlies will also be reached with the gospel, counselled and provided with relief items.

Update - August 2018

Brickmaking and harvesting have taken up so much of Levison’s time but nevertheless he has managed several outreaches, the last one being a week ago when he cycled 11 km, almost to the Zambian border, to see a lady and some orphans in need. He took them salt, soap and sugar and will go back in the next couple of weeks.

On 4 July he and Julius went to five homes to give words of comfort and give items to the folk in need and you can see the delight in the touching responses from some of the recipients in the video here or on our Youtube Channel.

Earlier updates can be seen in our archives.

This powerful and touching video has been produced. It demonstrates true Faith With Action.