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The Foundation Farm

The harvest from the Foundation’s first year’s planting exceeded all expectations. There were 62 50kg bags of maize, three 50kg bags of groundnuts, and three 20 litre tins of soybeans.

One of the harvesters, whose name is Blessings, taking a break. The structure behind him is a chimphanga, constructed by Levison and his family to store maize; there will be one at the Resource Centre, too.

The Foundation now has a goat and she has had a kid. We called the goat Sarah (yes after our Sarah and our Sarah is shortly going to run a competition at one of the local schools to name the kid) – the start of the Foundation Goat Herd.

In the New Year we will be purchasing the first of the Foundation Flock, so that eggs and chicken meat are available, and surplus can be sold in the shop.

Dambo planting will begin in late October, for vegetables, the nursery having already been prepared. And it’s hoped that the fish pond will be started in November; conversations have already begun with fisheries who are prepared to supply the first pond stock.

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