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Health Workshop

In October Levison held a workshop in two parts. The first, for boys and girls, was to educate them on life skills, the prevention of HIV/AIDS, pregnancy, and the importance of education for the girls’ future. Many girls, because of poverty, are married off young or forced into prostitution, and the Foundation’s aim is that no girl should be denied further education, because of poverty per se or because of period poverty which causes so many girls to miss a week’s education out of four.

The second part of the workshop was for the girls. They were taught how to make reusable sanitary wear. Our sister charity in the UK, Friends of the William Stewart Centre, has recently had an appeal for pants and thanks to the generosity of local people and to the charity Smalls for All, five boxes of pants are in the warehouse awaiting the next container which should be leaving shortly.

The girls at the workshop, who also received blankets, soap, bathing towels and pencils, learned a lot but were also very grateful that their welfare and future are being thoughtfully considered.

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