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Knitting Classes

On 6 November 2017, the first knitting classes took place in Chitipa, using wool and needles donated by William.

There were 40 orphans and they were split into five classes so that each child would be able to have individual attention.

Two ladies, Mickness Silungwe and Emily Kaira volunteered to teach the children, and the Foundation thanks them, not only for bringing happiness to the faces of the children, but also for the joy those smiling faces gives to everybody who views the video.

The children started off with some trepidation, no different from kids anywhere in the world at the thought of learning something new, but by the end of each class, through the patience of their teachers, they were empowered.

The classes are continuing, and we have more photos in the Gallery. Already the children have made some baby hats and are looking forward to making more substantial items like blankets.

A selection of items knitted by the boys and girls
Update 2/1/18: The children are progressing very quickly and many, girls and boys, have a natural ability to knit. With help from their teachers for some items, and produced by their own hand on others, they are now making garments; this is a small selection.