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The Foundation has a shop and our sister charity has its own facebook shop.

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Three delightful books written by our Foundation friend in Australia, the author and painter John Gunzburg. Available on Kindle and in paperback. John is donating proceeds of the sale of books to the Foundation.

Malawi - An Account All about Malawi, in words and photos, this book includes an essay on life in Malawi written by Levison Mlambya, and some Malawian folk tales. Some of the text and photos show how far the Foundation has come since those early days.

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Deborah’s Book Imaginative stories with a message, this book for children tells of a beautiful forest and some of the creatures which live in it. It is illustrated by colourful photos and is dedicated to Deborah, the daughter of Jane and Levison Mlambya.

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May The Lord Shine Upon You In a blending of cultures – Christian and Jewish – with a common unity, this book is written and contributed to by John, a Jew living in Australia; Levison, a Christian in Malawi, and William, a Christian in the UK. May the Lord Shine Upon You uplifts the soul with its humorous stories, anecdotes, poems, paintings, and historical memories and shows so well that we are all brothers and sisters under the skin.

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William Stewart has written Joey the Banjo Playing Singing Kangaroo, illustrated by John Gunzburg. All proceeds from book sales will go to the Foundation.

Joey, a series of episodes from the life of Joey Black, is a book for everyone; no matter the age there’s something for everyone as it dips into the joy of Christmas in a children’s hospital ward; telling the story of a World War II hero; the rehabilitation of a soldier traumatised by the Afghanistan War; the wedding of Joey and Caroline; and the funeral service of the World War II hero. The book ends on two happy notes and with something to look forward to.

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Hazel McCorrisken has written two books - Kindle and paperback - and all proceeds will go to the Foundation.

From Loch Lomond to Malawi with Love A delightful collection of short stories for the children of Chipita, Northern Malawi, but also great reading for adults who are still young at heart too. Hazel is blessed with the gift of wonderful imagination and marries it with simple and vivid writing.

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Sunflower Blessings Blessings along our journey in life and some thoughts and prayers.

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Christine Creswell, Sarah’s mother, is a talented artist who has produced some wonderful paintings and is generously donating all sales to the Foundation. One of a beautiful woodpecker is winging its way to the States (December 2020). Here are two very different paintings from a wide range of different subject matter.

Christine has her own Facebook page – Christine Creswell Artist − or enquiries can be made through our contact form.

Facebook Shop

Our sister charity Friends of the William Stewart Centre Malawi has added more items to its facebook shop – those to buy, such as Mzuzu Golden Coffee; purchases which can be made for the Foundation such as sweet potato vines, or fruit tree saplings for our Foundation Orchard. Details of our children still in the direst poverty and in need of sponsorship are highlighted there, too.

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