The William Stewart Foundation

Our Story

The Foundation began as a result of the friendship between Levison Mlambya, a teacher in Malawi, and William Stewart, a tutor in England. Levison took a waived-fee distance learning counselling course through the Institute of Counselling in Glasgow, and William was assigned as his tutor.

After Levison finished his course and gained his Certificate in Counselling in 2015, the two remained friends. One day, Levison was telling William about the very poor conditions in which many Malawians live and asked William if there were any place in the UK which would be able to send out second-hand Bibles.

William sent 16 new Bibles to Levison, and the first block of the Foundation was built. Several other folk then sent Bibles, or contributed, for further deliveries. A consignment of soap and salt was also enabled.

Out went Levison, on outreach – sometimes on foot, with his rucksack on his back, in the most inaccessible places. Sometimes on a (almost child’s) bicycle, on hire in his locale. Occasionally by car if the load was too great and he could find someone with a vehicle. (Update – a well-wisher has donated money specifically that Levison could purchase a proper sized bicycle, which he has now done and can travel to the outreaches in more comfort). It’s hoped that before long, as the bicycle has taken a pounding on the rough tracks, a trail bike can be afforded and after that a motor bike so that Levison doesn’t have to use up so much time getting to places by public transport.

Levison has a vision and so much of that vision has already been achieved, as can be seen from the photos; the smiles on the faces of the orphans; the hand clasp from the elderly grandmothers and grandfathers; the harvest and the huge progress made on the build.

Joy where there was despair; hope where there was hopelessness. The rays of the rising sun, depicting hope and freedom on the country’s flag, are being spread to those who are still in darkness.

The Foundation was registered and granted charitable status in Malawi as a Non Governmental Organisation on 1 September 2017: Malawian Certificate of Incorporation No. TR/INC 7553.

Levison wrote a small book for William’s Christmas in 2017. However, it became clear that this was a book which could, and should, be read by many and so it was enlarged to provide not only a record, but to show a little of Levison the man, his hopes and dreams for the Foundation and for those in Malawi who need its help.

Levison’s book is free to download here and we hope that you enjoy reading it. The Saviour Amongst the Saved.

You can read how our story has unfolded in our projects pages and our archives.