The William Stewart Foundation

Our Timeline

Sometimes the team members pinch themselves when we see how far work has progressed in such a short time. So we thought it would be good to have a timeline of the Foundation’s progress.


April The Foundation came into being
May Trustees and Constitution in place. Process of registration began, necessitating long trips for Levison to Capitol Hill, the Government offices in Lilongwe
September The Foundation was registered as an NGO with charitable status
Autumn The first harvest was planted – maize; groundnuts and soybeans
The first lessons, knitting classes, began
Land was gifted to build the Resource Centre


April The land clearance began
The first latrine was dug
Mid June Brickmaking began
Late June The first kiln built
Mid July Second kiln built
First bumper harvest
End July Bricks ferried to site
1 August The build began
End August Latrine blocks built
Road to the Centre dug out
Sports grounds levelled
September Latrine blocks being finished inside
Kitchen, stores and office started
October Kitchen, stores and office finished
November Skills Shed built
End December Official opening of the Resource Centre


January Second year’s crops planted
February The first goat kraals built and the first goats homed
Planting of vegetable seeds in the dambo (wetland)
Planting of vegetables in the John Curtis Vegetable Garden
March The Holligan Hen House was built
April The first of the hens moved to their new quarters
July We learn that the Resource Centre is to be electrified and the poles and equipment are dropped off
September More land having been gifted to the Foundation, more bricks were made and fired
Autumn The second year’s harvest planted, and many more vegetables
December The decision is taken to extend Sophie’s Skills Shed and incorporate the Emma Buchanan Rainbow Library
28 December Not quite in time for Christmas but the Red Letter Day as the Centre is electrified


Jan/Feb The Skills Shed extension/Emma Buchanan Rainbow Library
June Joined CONGOMA – COuncil for NGOs in MAlawi
September Joined Malawi Scottish Partnership
November Our own fresh and clean water at the Resource Centre
December Crop planting


January Work begins on the shower block
Clearing of the second orchard
Feb - June Building of the shower block

These are the main events at the Resource Centre, but in between the highlights there have been celebrations and gift-giving for Christmases, birthdays, Easters. The Foundation has held workshops and an open day for the elderly.

Levison has led his team with amazing tirelessness and fortitude. And in between all of this work, he gained his BSc in Agricultural Education, and also passed his driving test.